Temarry Recycling Turns Hazardous Wastes into Commodities while Cutting Emissions

Read the full story at Waste360.

PolyPeptide, a synthesizer of protein building blocks used in pharmaceuticals, generates a lot of solvent waste that, until recently¸ was sent from San Diego to Arkansas for disposal.

That 2,500-mile haul generated a lot of cost and emissions. When the solvent waste reached its destination, some of it was blended and used as fuel, but the rest was incinerated.

The manufacturer is doing business differently now, cutting its cost and carbon footprint. The change in operations has also resulted in a higher use for the liquid materials than fuel.

The spent solvents are managed by Temarry Recycling, exporters and processors of hazardous wastes, whose brokers pick it up from generators, and Temarry picks it up from there. The company runs PolyPeptide’s waste through a distillation process so it can be used again as solvent. After its second life, it continues to be distilled and reused. What can’t be distilled is used in cement manufacturing.

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