The proposed federal budget: Friday the 13th Part 2

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The Trump administration’s proposed budget for energy efficiency is a bad sequel to the slash-and-burn budget it proposed last year. It would cut to pieces many effective energy efficiency programs. Like last year’s budget proposed, it would eliminate help for low-income families and seniors from the Weatherization Assistance Program, and help for states and emergency preparedness from the State Energy Program. It would cut overall new funding for the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy by more than 70%, and would end the effective Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy. Fortunately, it looks like the Congressional audience is not going to buy tickets to this movie.

If adopted, the budget would attack programs that accomplish the administration’s own goals: creating jobs, driving economic growth, and ending wasteful spending. It would end TIGER grants, which are model transportation infrastructure investments. And it would cut the Federal Energy Management Program, which helps save billions of taxpayer dollars.

One difference in the sequel is that it would not kill ENERGY STAR®; instead, it would fund the program entirely from fees. We’re glad they now see the value of helping consumers recognize efficient products and buildings. But relying on fees would still threaten the independence and the reliable funding that are essential to the great success of ENERGY STAR.

Today we are releasing a set of fact sheets that show the impact of some of the programs under attack. They estimate both what the programs are saving now, and what would be lost if the attacks succeed. The fact sheets also include a few stories about people who have benefitted from these programs.

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