Bill McDonough: We are here to make goods, not ‘bads’

Read the full story in GreenBiz.

In order to define a new vision of a regenerative economy, it’s necessary to understand why the current model is unsustainable.

Designer William McDonough, known as the “father of the circular economy” and co-creator of “Cradle to Cradle” design — which presents a vision for materials that benefit society with safe materials, water and energy and which eliminate waste — discussed the dark “secret of Wall Street.”

“It’s the creation of the perception of scarcity where none exists,” he said Tuesday at the GreenBiz 18 conference in Phoenix, Arizona. “It gets us to move, to feel like we’re missing out.”

Out of the $893 trillion in global financial markets, $75 trillion — just 8 percent of the total — can be attributed to goods and services reflected in the GDP, McDonough calculated.

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