Reports: Foodservice, restaurant industry reputations hinge on less food waste

Read the full story at Waste Dive. ReFED, a national nonprofit, has released two new action guides for the foodservice and restaurant sectors. Developed in partnership with the Food Waste Reduction Alliance, and with technical assistance from Eunomia Research and Consulting, the guides highlight the profit potential in prevention, recovery and recycling.

The Arctic is full of toxic mercury, and climate change is going to release it

Read the full story in the Washington Post. We already knew that thawing Arctic permafrost would release powerful greenhouse gases. On Monday, scientists revealed it could also release massive amounts of mercury — a potent neurotoxin and serious threat to human health. Permafrost, the Arctic’s frozen soil, acts as a massive ice trap that keeps carbon stuck in the …

New Swedish Fitness Trend, “Plogging,” Combines Jogging with Picking Up Litter

Read the full story at Core77. When Erik Ahlström moved from Åre, a ski resort town in central Sweden to Stockholm, he had a strong first impression of the capital: "Det ser ju ut som en soptipp," which translates as "It looks like a dump." Ahlström, an environmentalist, was put off by the amount of litter on …

The Forgotten Renewable: Geothermal Energy Production Heats Up

Read the full story from NPR. Geothermal energy uses the earth's natural heat to create electricity. While there are several different ways to accomplish this, the most common is to take super-heated water from geothermal hot spots and pipe it to the surface. It then turns into steam and spins a turbine, which generates electricity. …

White House withdraws controversial nominee to head Council on Environmental Quality

Read the full story in the Washington Post. The White House has withdrawn its controversial nominee to head the Council on Environmental Quality, Kathleen Hartnett White, whose selection failed to gather momentum with some Senate Republicans raising questions about her expertise.