2018 Behavior, Energy, and Climate Change Conference call for abstracts

The theme of this year’s conference, scheduled for October 7-10, 2018 in Washington, DC, is “Building Bridges.” In a time of increasing polarization, behavioral sciences play an important role in bridging political, cultural, economic, and geographic divides that prevent sensible solutions to climate change. From the beginning, BECC has aimed to facilitate conversations and collaborations across sectors and disciplines. In 2018, through regular and special sessions, we plan to showcase research, programs, and dialogues that bridge divides and help move toward a sustainable energy and climate future.

We are seeking new, innovative research and applied work from leaders in behavioral sciences as applied to the adoption of sustainable energy production and use.  Please note that work that has been discussed in other public forums or presented at BECC in the past will not be accepted.

We invite abstracts of 300-400-words for formal 15-minute presentations, with or without accompanying full papers, as well “lightning talks,”(5-7 minutes) panel discussions, and poster presentations. Abstracts may be submitted as part of a panel application (a group of presentations) or independently. Any abstracts submitted as part of a panel will also be considered independently if the complete panel is not accepted.

To help moderators prepare their sessions, we request that presenters who are delivering full-length or lightning talks also prepare a brief summary of their work (maximum of two pages) or a final set of slides one month prior to the conference.

Deadline for submissions is April 15, 2018.

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