US scores lower on food sustainability than Ethiopia

Read the full story in Waste Dive.

A new study from the Economist Intelligence Unit and the Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition Foundation found that the United States does not have a high sustainability rating based on a three-pronged assessment of food loss and waste, sustainable agriculture and nutritional health challenges, according to Food Navigator. Twenty other countries are performing better than the U.S., which came in at number 21 out of 34 countries ranked in the study’s Food Sustainability Index.

Mostly European countries topped the global sustainability index ranking, with France retaining the top position for the second straight year. Following France are Japan, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Portugal, Italy, South Korea and Hungary.

The research finds that high-income countries are typically better at ensuring food sustainability than low-income ones, but some exceptions are noteworthy. For example, Ethiopia came in at number 12 on the list, while wealthier countries like the U.S. at number 21 and the United Arab Emirates at number 22 lagged behind.

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