Sustainable Materials Management (SMM) Web Academy Webinar: Technology Innovation – Reducing Food Going to Waste

Thursday, December 14, 2017, noon – 1:30 pm CT

Technology is changing the way we live, work and communicate, and it is also affecting food loss and waste. As we strive toward the national goal to reduce food loss and waste by 50 percent by the year 2030, this webinar will have three EPA Food Recovery Challenge Endorsers showcase their technology solutions.

Community Food Rescue, a program of Manna Food Center, is the coordinated food recovery network of Montgomery County, Maryland. Using ChowMatch, an innovative real time matching app, Community Food Rescue matches perfectly good food that local businesses would have thrown away to food assistance organizations that serve people who may not know where they will get their next meal. Learn more at Community Food Rescue’s website.

MealConnect is a Feeding America technology platform that was created to source more meals to end hunger in America. The platform connects donors that have surplus food with their local Feeding America member food banks and partners in real time through an app or online. Learn more at MealConnect’s website.

Spoiler Alert is a Massachusetts-based technology company that offers food manufacturers, distributors and retailers a business intelligence solution to better manage food recovery and waste diversion efforts, as well as a management portal that facilitates real-time food donations, discounted sales, or organic byproduct redistributions. Learn more at SpoilerAlert’s website.


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