Students do the grading on climate

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Looking back on my high school and college student self, I can guarantee that most of my motivations were completely self-centered. My friends, my job, my activities, my classes, my choices, the things I invested my time in, everything pretty much revolved around what was happening in my own little world. (You could probably say that about a good chunk of my adulthood as well.) The students I met this week defy that somewhat typical description of your average teen and young adult. They’re concerned about how current policy decisions could negatively impact their futures, and they’re doing something about it.

A couple of weeks ago, these student activists spoke in front of the Urbana City Council to present their Climate Report Card for the City of Urbana. The students, consisting of representatives from University High School, Urbana High School, and the University of Illinois, had been researching the existing environmental policies and initiatives in Urbana as a part of a national organization called iMatter.

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