Sustainable Production of Fine Chemicals and Materials using Non-Toxic Renewable Sources

Anne Kokel, Béla Török (2017). “Sustainable Production of Fine Chemicals and Materials using Non-Toxic Renewable Sources.” Toxicological Sciences, kfx214. DOI:

Abstract: Due to declining hydrocarbon resources and strengthening environmental regulations, significant attention is directed toward sustainable and non-toxic supplies for the development of green technologies in a variety of industries. This account provides an overview on the sources and recent applications of such materials surveying the most common non-toxic and renewable resources that can be obtained from biological sources. Developing a broad array of technologies based on these materials would establish a truly sustainable green chemical industry. The study thematically discusses various compound groups, e.g. carbohydrates, proteins, and triglycerides (oils). Since often the monomers or building blocks of these biopolymers are of significant importance and produced in large amounts, the applications of these compounds are also reviewed.

Author: Laura B.

I'm the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center's Sustainability Information Curator, which is a fancy way of saying embedded librarian. I'm also Executive Director of the Great Lakes Regional Pollution Prevention Roundtable. When not writing for Environmental News Bits, I'm an avid reader. Visit Laura's Reads to see what I'm currently reading.

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