Sustainability: The Journal of Record Special Issue on City-Level Partnerships for Sustainability

Sustainability: The Journal of Record’s Special Issue on City-Level Partnerships for Sustainability is available at no charge until November 25.

Table of Contents

Go Local: City-Level Partnerships for Sustainability
Judy Walton, Jamie Devereaux

People, Projects, and Programs
News from the field

The Transformation to Smart Cities
Interview with Brian Lakamp, Founder/CEO, Totem Power

Case Reports
Building Powerful Partnerships: Lessons from Portland’s Climate Action Collaborative
Jennifer H. Allen, Fletcher Beaudoin, Beth Gilden

Future Shocks and City Resilience: Building Organizational Capacity for Resilience andSustainability through Game Play and Ways of Thinking
Lauren Withycombe Keeler, Adam Gabriele, Braden R. Kay, Arnim Wiek

Original Articles
Connecting Cities and Campuses through Climate Leadership Initiatives
Timothy Carter, Brett N. Pasinella, Craig T. Olwert, Anne Reichman

Climate Adaptive Water Management Practices in Small and Midsized Cities of Nepal: Case Studies of Dharan and Dhulikhel
Chandra Lal Pandey, Roshan Man Bajracharya

Teaming Up To Fight Blight and Promote Sustainability: An Academic-Governmental Collaboration for Sustainable Development
Ray Brescia, Meghan Cook

Public-Public Partnerships for a New Paradigm in the Civic Role of the University
Fletcher K. Alexander, James C. Pushnik

Sustainability Resources
Books, Reports, Films, and Websites

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