Wärtsilä Launching New Portfolio Of Hybrid Tug Boat Designs

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Wärtsilä is introducing a new portfolio of tug boat designs, dubbed the HYTug series, that make use of the company’s hybrid propulsion technology and were created with “environmental sustainability” in mind, according to a new press release.

Houston after Harvey

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The story of Hurricane Harvey is the story of Houston itself—the city’s spontaneous nature, its exponential growth, its location, and its leadership. And in the wake of Harvey, this city is at a crossroads. Will we continue to do things as we’ve always done them, or will we take this storm for what it is—an opportunity for a new paradigm?

Climate Change Is Complex. We’ve Got Answers to Your Questions.

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We know. Global warming is daunting. So here’s a place to start: 17 often-asked questions with some straightforward answers.

Seal Meat, Gold Mining: How Lower-Income Women Are Exposed To Mercury

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Most people have had some exposure to mercury. Fish is one source. So are mercury vapors from workplaces and factories. That’s what the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say.

At very low levels, the mercury isn’t likely a problem (although it’s hard to say exactly how low is “safe.”)

But higher levels can cause damage to the kidney, lungs and neurological systems. And for women of childbearing age there’s a severe additional risk: mercury levels that exceed the Environmental Protection Agency’s “reference dose” — the level of daily exposure that the EPA says is unlikely to negatively affect people’s health — could damage the fetus that a pregnant woman is carrying, including its kidneys, cardiovascular system and IQ.

And how many women are potentially at risk? That was the question behind a new report: “Mercury in Women of Childbearing Age in 25 Countries,” from IPEN, a nonprofit devoted to issues of global health and toxic chemicals, and Biodiversity Research Institute, an ecology research organization. The groups studied 1,044 women from lower-income countries and found that 42 percent had average mercury levels exceeding the EPA reference dose in their hair samples.

Sustainability: Eye on Emissions

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Grounds managers responsible for the appearance of turf and landscaped areas around institutional and commercial facilities continue to face a host of challenges. Traditional issues centered on a squeeze on resources and finances.

Increasingly in the last decade, managers also have faced the growing demand for sustainability in grounds operations. As a result, they need to be certain they make smart purchasing decisions by assessing the environmental impact of powered equipment crews use to perform their daily tasks. The challenge can be difficult.

Quaker Foods in partnership to fight food waste

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The Quaker Oats Co., in partnership with the James Beard Foundation (J.B.F.), has launched a food-waste reduction initiative. Dubbed “More Taste, Less Waste,” the program seeks to encourage people to think about the value of food and the role oats could play in changing food that otherwise would be thrown away into foods that are both healthful and tasty.