We will close the loop on waste by 2030

Read the full story in GreenBiz.

On Labor Day, a typical American shopper bought a bag of chips, a tub of salsa and a six-pack to bring to a friend’s barbeque. Behind that purchase are a variety of actors, including brands, retailers and packaging manufacturers.

If that shopper does not recycle, instead disposing of the empty bag and tub in the trash, the shopper will add to a growing problem of vast amounts of waste floating in our oceans, littering parks and filling landfills.

Solutions to this problem exist. The development of circular supply chains — closing the loop on consumer packaging and post-consumer waste by connecting consumers, municipal recycling infrastructure and product manufacturing — at massive scale would provide the following benefits annually:

  • Save cities more than $20 billion.
  • Reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by more than 500 million tons of CO2 (equivalent).
  • Drive revenues of at least half a trillion dollars across multiple industries.

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