Obama’s Solar Goal Has Been Met, Trump’s Energy Department Brags

Read the full story at Bloomberg News. The Trump administration announced Tuesday that former President Barack Obama’s goal of slashing the cost of solar power has been achieved early, taking credit for milestone even though the new administration is skeptical of renewable power.

Taking the Long View: The ‘Forever Legacy’ of Climate Change

Read the full story at e360. Climate change projections often focus on 2100. But the geological record shows that unless we rapidly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, we will be locking in drastic increases in temperatures and sea levels that will alter the earth not just for centuries, but for millennia.

Portland Now Generates Electricity From Turbines Installed In City Water Pipes

Read the full story at Good. You’d be forgiven if the phrase “Portland goes green with innovative water pipes” doesn’t immediately call to mind thoughts of civil engineering and hydro-electric power. And yet, that’s exactly what Oregon’s largest city has done by partnering with a company called Lucid Energy to generate clean electricity from the water already flowing under its …

Can Congress cut food waste? It depends on the success of this bill

Read the full story at Waste Dive. For decades, the federal government has regulated how landfills operate, how air and water are protected and how dangerous sites are cleaned up. However, the federal government has yet to implement a national policy on how to handle food waste. The lack of federal guidance on food waste …