ASHRAE Participates in Second Annual Energy Efficiency Day

Energy Efficiency Day is a collaborative effort of regional and national organizations that promote energy efficiency and is set for October 6, 2017.  More than 175 government agencies, companies, utilities, cities, and other organizations were official supporters in 2016. This year efforts are being amplified with a website, a Facebook account, more official declarations, and a challenge to save energy in homes and businesses.

Here are four ways ASHRAE Chapters and members can spread the word about the benefits of energy efficiency.

  • Visit the website and sign up. Individuals or organizations may participate. More information will be provided as EE Day gets closer.
  • Take the Lightbulb Challenge or the Office Lighting Challenge. By taking the challenge, you agree to replace at least one light bulb with an LED.  If each US household purchases just one LED bulb, consumers could save $500 million annually. Share your experience with friends and colleagues.
  • Encourage mayors/governors to officially proclaim. In 2016, Hawaii Governor David Ige did so and, this year, Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto has already followed suit. Check the link above for a sample proclamation that you can share with your mayor and governor.
  • Share news about Energy Efficiency Day and the benefits of saving energy–and money–through blog posts, emails, newsletters, and social media. Telling an energy efficiency success story with videos, photos, graphics, or other content is very powerful. Or share this blog post. When signing up on the EE Day website, the material you can use will be provided.

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