Pesticide Stewardship Briefing Document

Download the document.

The purpose of this Pesticide Stewardship Briefing Document was to prepare participants for a PSI-facilitated national webinar discussion on end-of-life pesticide management that was held on July 10, 2017 (see Appendix B for webinar discussion notes). The document is also expected to serve as a basis for future discussions on end-of-life pesticide stewardship in the United States. The briefing document includes background information on pesticide uses and impacts, quantitative information on the scope of the problem of end-of-life management of pesticides, and pesticide policy and management. It also includes key issues, project goals, barriers to achieving those goals, and presents potential solutions pertaining to each of the project goals. The information in this report was derived from stakeholder input obtained during the national webinar discussion, on several telephone discussions with key stakeholders that took place in the spring of 2017, a review of available literature, and an informal PSI survey regarding the  identification of discarded pesticide management problems and solutions. This Briefing Document reflects varying perspectives on the management of discarded pesticides and not a unanimous approach.

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