This Small Japanese Town is Modeling Zero Waste for the World

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What would a Zero Waste world look like and how do we get there?

One small Japanese town is showing the world that Zero Waste begins with a community-wide commitment to reduce waste.

Kamikatsu, a town of 1,700, wants to become the country’s first Zero Waste community by 2020. At this point, it’s well on its way, recycling 80 percent of its waste, with the remaining 20 percent going to a landfill.

The town has no garbage trucks, so residents bring their recyclables and waste to a facility where they separate them into 34 different categories including paper, plastics, bottles, caps and much more. When possible, items are repurposed, upcycled or shared. There’s even a factory where goods, such as old clothing, are made into new teddy bears, bags and new clothing.

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