Google Scholar and the Full-Word Wildcard

Read the full post from ResearchBuzz.

I know a lot of folks avoid Twitter because it be kind of a mess / useless timesink / brain drain / dumpster fire. And sometimes it can. But it also can lead you to a lot of interesting people, like Spencer Greenhalgh.  Spencer is a PhD candidate at Michigan State University who came to my attention in December 2015 because of his work with R and Twitter. And we’ve had some conversations and he’s pointed me toward some great resources.

And he also gave me a terrific question recently – a question about Google Scholar.

Spencer was having trouble searching Google Scholar ( ) for his topic of choice – Twitter and graduate students / programs.

I love a good search question. So I jumped into Google Scholar and started messing around, and wasn’t having much luck. Then I thought, “Wonder if Google’s full-word wildcard works in Google Scholar?” Surprise! It does.

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