Citizen Science Association Conference — May 17-20, 2017 — Minneapolis

This conference offers the opportunity to make face-to-face connections with leaders in areas of science, policy, conservation, science education and citizen science practice to inspire social responsibility through participation in citizen science.

Program Highlights

Thursday, May 18th
Dr. Marc Edwards
is the Charles P. Lunsford Professor of Environmental and Water Resources Engineering in The Charles E. Via, Jr. Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering at Virginia Tech. With the support of an NSF grant, and most importantly, engaged citizens, Edwards was instrumental in demonstrating Flint, MI dangerously contaminated water. Citizen LeAnne Walters, a Flint citizen and mother of four, and member of Coalition for Clean Water, will join Edwards to discuss how they worked together to bring Flint’s water crisis to national, and international, attention.

Friday, May 19th
Dr. Ellen Jorgensen is co-founder and Executive Director of Genspace, a community biolab. She is passionate about science literacy in both student and adult populations, particularly in molecular and synthetic biology. In 2011 she initiated Genspace’s award-winning curriculum of informal science education for adults in biotechnology and synthetic biology. Ellen has a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from New York University, spent many years in the biotechnology industry, and is currently adjunct faculty at New York Medical College, the School of Visual Arts, and a Visiting Professor at The Cooper Union. She is @FeyScientist on Twitter.

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