Your Used Bar of Hotel Soap Has a Surprising Afterlife

Read the full story at Thrillist.

In the world’s outcry over waste — paper, plastics, fumes, foods — your hotel soap ain’t exactly a crisis. Still, everyone has wondered at least once: Where do all those once-used bars go? Not to the next guest, for sure. Heck, to be a five diamond property, a hotel’s staff must replace your soap daily, even if it wasn’t touched. That amounts to a lot of fine-smelling garbage: Travelers and hotels combine to toss out roughly a million bars a day in the US and perhaps 5 million bars a day worldwide.

But it’s not all waste. If you’re staying at certain hotels, your hair-streaked, Italian-milled body bar might be going toward fighting diseases around the world. An Orlando-based company called Clean the World has taken to collecting used hotel soap, melting it down, and making new soap to send to impoverished countries. They’re saving landfill space locally, and perhaps saving lives globally.

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