FY 2017 Sustainable Materials Management Grant

Request For Applications (RFA # EPA-R5-LCD-2017)
Open Date: March 15, 2017
Closing Date: June 1, 2017

Summary: EPA Region 5 is soliciting applications to address one of two Sustainable Materials Management priorities. Projects must be implemented in EPA Region 5, which encompasses the states of Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.  Priorities are identified below (see solicitation for additional requirements):

Prevent or Reduce Wasted Food in a Tribal Community
Projects addressing this priority must:

  • Support the goals of a tribe’s approved Integrated Waste Management Plan.
  • Identify a baseline of the significant sources of wasted food in the community.
  • Track, evaluate, and report amounts of wasted food prevented or reduced.
  • Include plans to communicate the outcomes of the project with other tribes and communities, such as through a webinar, conference presentation, etc.

Demystify Potential Midwestern Recycling End Markets through Collaboration
Projects addressing this priority must:

  • Create an information resource to identify end markets as well as the economic opportunity afforded by these potential markets using economic indicators such as jobs, wages and/or tax revenues.
  • Provide estimates of the volume of materials that are and could be managed.
  • Include a long term strategy for maintaining and sharing the end market information.
  • Include a long term strategy for continuing and building on the collaboration established as part of the project.

Informational Call
Date: April 4, 2017 at 2:00 pm Central Time/ 3:00pm Eastern Time
Topic: Land and Chemicals Division, Sustainable Materials Management Request for Applications
Phone Number: 866-299-3188, conference code 9389329

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