NCSE 2017: Integrating Environment and Health: 17th National Conference and Global Forum for Science, Policy, and the Environment

January 24-26, 2017, Washington, DC
More information and to register:

The health of the people, the planet, and all living beings is complex and interconnected. NCSE 2017: Integrating Environment and Health will bring together diverse groups of individuals and experts – including researchers, educators, students, policy-makers, and entrepreneurs – to explore these relationships on specific issues and develop recommendations on actionable items.

A decade ago, the 7th NCSE Annual Conference addressed environmental and human health connections. Much has transpired since then, both in the scientific community and among regulatory agencies. A good deal of cutting-edge research has been undertaken (the results of which have been recently published) and several policy-related initiatives have been launched, all of which place greater emphasis on emerging issues and innovative solutions.

The overall theme of the 2017 NCSE Annual Conference will include the following topics:

Critical Current Issues

  • Vulnerable Populations / Children’s Health
  • Environmental Justice / Health Equity
  • Climate Change / Extreme Weather Events
  • Human-Built Environment / Urban Planning
  • Degraded Ecosystems / Food-Chain Impacts
  • Animal-Human Interactions / Zoonotic Diseases

New Dimensions in Environmental Health

  • Risk Assessment / Risk Management / New Models
  • Epigenetic Studies / Non-Conventional Research
  • Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals / Recent Advances
  • Fetal and Developmental Disorders

Solutions-Based Approaches

  • Systems Approach / Interdisciplinary Research
  • One Health / Planetary Health
  • Agriculture / Food Safety
  • Toxic Substances Control / New Legislation and Regulation
  • Public Health Response / Disaster Management
  • Green Chemistry / Alternative Products
  • Public Education / Scientific Literacy
  • Media Outreach Strategies and Approaches / Science Communications
  • Education and Engagement on Campuses
  • Innovative Program Implementation

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