Old Macs Make Surprisingly Pretty Planters

Read the full story in Fast Company.

Maybe you’ve got your eye on a new Macbook now that the holidays are just around the corner. What should you do with your old one? You could donate it or recycle it, sure. But the French artist Christophe Guinet has a better idea.

Guinet, who goes by the name Monsieur Plant, has created a series of living art pieces that transform old Apple products into terrariums. A Macintosh Classic computer finds new life as a pot for a Chinese elm bonsai tree (and the mouse is deconstructed so a baby bonsai could be planted inside). A G5 hard drive sprouts papyrus stalks. The interior of a 1998 iMac3 has been totally gutted to make room for three species of carnivorous plants, including a Venus fly trap. Why stare at a screen when you can gaze at these plants instead?

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