Fracking Data

From the About page:

This blog is a direct result of my frustrations in locating and utilizing web sources covering  the acquisition, conversion, blending, and subsequent analysis of hydro-fracturing, a.k.a. “fracking” data.

As I’ve not yet found any comprehensive websites covering:

in one place, I decided to create one of my own.

Essentially, I’ve tried to build a “one-stop-shop” of data sources useful to anyone wishing to analyze fracking data.

Hopefully, in a small way, I’ve succeeded.

This site will grow, especially in the domain of “blended” data, for example, the blending of fracking chemical disclosure data with each chemical’s recognized or suspected toxicity.  It is my intent to evolve the various fracking datasets into spatially-oriented datasets and blend them with earthquake as well as chemical toxicity data.  One day, if a source of fracking-related non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) or a “list of the harmed” is published, I’ll try to blend those into the datasets as well.

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