Climate math makes carbon removal a must

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We have many options to accomplish the shift to zero carbon energy. However, even in aggregate, these options are not sufficient. The math is harsh and the challenge enormous. If we want to avoid the climate-energy scenarios spelled out in Paris, we must embrace — and invest in — negative emissions technology to facilitate the removal of billions of tons of CO2 from the atmosphere, starting in 25 years. For perspective, one billion tons is roughly twice the weight of all the people on Earth.

Now that Trump has won, TransCanada wants to give Keystone XL pipeline another try

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TransCanada said it hopes to persuade a new Trump administration to revive the controversial Keystone XL crude oil pipeline that President Obama rejected on Nov. 6, 2015.

Trump Can’t Stop the Energy Revolution

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The planet is warming, dangerously so, and burning more coal will make it worse. President-elect Donald Trump thinks man-made climate change is a hoax and he’s promised to revive the US coal industry by cutting regulation. So renewables are dead in the water, right? Maybe not.

Washington State Rejects What Would Have Been Nation’s First Carbon Tax

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In Washington state, officials have wrestled with plans to curb pollution for years. But when an effort came before voters to impose a carbon tax this November, voters overwhelmingly rejected it.

Solar Measure Fails in the Sunshine State

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Voters rejected a controversial measure that pit environmentalists versus electric utilities.

Paris climate deal thrown into uncertainty by US election result

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Just days after the historic Paris agreement officially came into force, climate denier Donald Trump’s victory has thrown the global deal into uncertainty and raised fears that the US will reverse the ambitious environmental course charted under Barack Obama.