Tech Helping Medical Devices Go Green

Read the full post at Marketing:Green.

Even if we’re loathe to admit that climate change is a thing, it makes sense for those who use the most energy to do what they can to keep their carbon footprint in check, which puts the medical industry right up near the top of the list.

According to Healthcare Design Magazine, “Each year healthcare systems spend more than $8 billion on energy, making them one of the largest consumers of energy among U.S. institutions.” And yet, the piece continues, “most healthcare systems have been slow to reduce energy related to their equipment needs. From CT scanners to heart monitors, medical machines account for 18 percent of hospitals’ total energy use. The more doctors rely on sophisticated equipment to help patients, the more a hospital’s energy use goes up.”

As our lives become more immersed in technology, that sophisticated equipment is not likely to decrease. Luckily, there are companies dedicated to providing green options to the medical industry.

Here are just a few ways technology is helping medicine go green:

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