How Unilever is creating a web of partnerships

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Unilever: a beacon of the business community that the world has come to look up to as a true pioneer of long-term sustainability strategies.

Its Sustainable Living Plan aims to guide the company in decoupling its ambitious growth plans with environmental impacts. And progress has been positive, with Unilever making strong moves to increase sustainable sourcing and reduce its waste to zero across multiple global sites, among many other things.

But what about the impact outside of its direct control, along the supply chain? It works with some 76,000 suppliers and more than 1.5 million farmers who in turn support communities of 7 million people. And with more than 400 brands, 13 of which generate sales of over 1 billion euros a year, it has a huge reach and purchasing power to influence the performance of this huge value chain.

I caught up with the company’s chief supply chain officer, Pier Luigi Sigismondi to find out how he manages this huge task (albeit supported by 110,000 people in 190 countries working in the supply chain teams at Unilever, nearly two-thirds of the total Unilever employee base).

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