Webinar: Deep Dive into Chemical Footprinting

Wed, Jul 22, 2015 2:00 PM – 3:15 PM CDT
Register at https://www.chemicalfootprint.org/news/event/webinar-deep-dive-chem-footprinting

An overview and in-depth discussion of the Chemical Footprint Project’s Assessment Tool questions and response options for the four key indicators:

  • Management: what are a company’s chemical policies and strategies for integration into business practices;
  • Inventory: information a company knows about chemicals in its products and how these data are managed;
  • Footprint: what is a company’s baseline chemical footprint, what goals have been set to substitute toxic chemicals with safer alternatives, and what progress has been made;
  • Disclosure: what information on chemicals in products a company publicly discloses.Learn the intent of the Assessment Tool questions and how to answer them.

Webinar Panelists include Mark Rossi, Sally Edwards, and Tim Greiner.

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