Embracing the UN’s water goal is smart business

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The UN’s goal to “secure sustainable water for all” is a laudable one. According to UN Water, global water demand is projected to increase by some 55 percent by 2050, mainly because of growing demands from manufacturing (400 percent), thermal electricity generation (140 percent) and domestic use (130 percent.) Simply put, access to global freshwater, which makes up only around 2.5 percent of the world’s total water, is going to be increasingly strained.

The goal spelled out by the UN, and the more specific sub-targets surrounding it, couldn’t be more urgent. To us, though, the key questions are ones we ask regularly. What should business be doing to meet these goals? How can current successes be scaled-up? What barriers stand in the way? How can we speed the whole process up?

Whatever the answers, business-as-usual is clearly not one of them.

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