Right-To-Know Network’s TRI and hazardous waste databases

June 6, 2022 update: The Right-to-Know Network was a project of The Center for Effective Government (formerly OMB Watch). The Center ceased operations in 2016. The Right-to-Know Network’s databases have moved and are now hosted by the Houston Chronicle. They are no longer being updated.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use way to locate Toxics Release Inventory and hazardous waste data in one place, I recommend the Right-To-Know Network’s databases. They provide free public access to environmental information from several databases managed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). With the information available on RTK Net, you can identify specific factories and their environmental effects, and assess how people and communities may be affected. Through RTK Net, you can access databases dealing with:

  • Toxic pollution (TRI)
  • Generation and transport of hazardous wastes (BRS)
  • Handlers of hazardous wastes (RCRIS)
  • Spills of hazardous materials (ERNS)
  • Plans for dealing with emergencies (RMP).

The most useful feature is the ability to display summary data by state. If you’re a fan of ranked lists, you will find the state summary displays particularly useful.

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