Society of Environmental Journalists Fund for Environmental Journalism Announces Summer 2013 Grantees

Thanks to generous funding from the Grantham Foundation, and individual members and friends of the Society of Environmental Journalists (SEJ), we are pleased to announce grants totaling $15,380 to five journalism projects selected in SEJ’s Fund for Environmental Journalism Summer 2013 grant cycle. In addition to the grant, SEJ will also provide mentoring support to any grantees requesting it.
SEJ launched the Fund for Environmental Journalism in 2010 to support reporting projects and entrepreneurial journalism ventures related to the environment. Since inception, small grants totaling more than $78,000 have been awarded to both staff and freelance journalists to cover costs of travel, document access, graphics and website development, translation and other budget items, without which journalists might have been unable to produce and distribute specific, timely stories about important environmental issues.
Congratulations to the grantees in the Summer 2013 cycle:
Kiera Butler
Oakland, CA
$3,500 for fact-checking to complete a book on 4-H clubs and their role in shaping modern agriculture
Karen Coates
Peralta, NM
$3,480 for travel to report on the environmental effects of agricultural change in Myanmar
Daniel Grossman and Maureen Nandini Mitra
Brooklyn, NY and Berkeley, CA
$3,500 for travel to investigate impacts of climate change in the Himalayas
Jaeah J. Lee
San Francisco, CA
$3,500 for travel, visas, translation & equipment rental for reporting on the spread of fracking to China
Talli San Nauman, Co-Director, Journalism to Raise Environmental Awareness
Spearfish, SD
$1,400 for travel expenses supporting a U.S.-Mexico cross-border citizen-journalism initiative focused on sustainable development in the Gulf of California Region
To learn more about the FEJ grant program, including applicant eligibility and submission guidelines, or to see information and links about past grants, please go to the Fund for Environmental Journalism web page. The next deadline for proposals is November 15, 2013.

We are currently fundraising for the summer and winter 2014 grant cycles. Please consider making your own donation today, to help SEJ build the Fund for Environmental Journalism and support new work! If you would like to help experienced environmental journalists to continue producing rich, rigorously investigated and unbiased content, please make a gift on SEJ’s secure website.

Author: Laura B.

I'm the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center's Sustainability Information Curator, which is a fancy way of saying embedded librarian. I'm also Executive Director of the Great Lakes Regional Pollution Prevention Roundtable. When not writing for Environmental News Bits, I'm an avid reader. Visit Laura's Reads to see what I'm currently reading.

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