Bath: Options exist for creating biochar soil amendment

Read the full post in the Coloradoan.

In continuing with pyrogenic carbon farming, or the use of biochar as a soil amendment for biological, organic or ecological growing, innumerable options remain available in preparing biochar for improving any particular soil type.

Biochar, or charcoal made through pyrolysis in an oxygen-deprived environment, holds unequaled potential as a soil amendment and catalyst of microflora. Because biochar is not yet a widely available commercial product, more industrious gardeners can produce biochar at home from any organic waste. Feedstock such as dead plant refuse, weeds, leaves, manure, bones or, most commonly, wood chips, provide the biomass from which the charcoal is made. The process can be quite labor intensive, dangerous and surprisingly odiferous, so it is not recommended you try it among high population densities.

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