Day: June 27, 2013

Early Career Climate Change Forum Launches Online

This Forum grew out of a week-long workshop known as the Northwest Climate Science boot camp, sponsored by the Northwest Climate Science Center. The Forum consists of early career scientists, managers, and others working at the science management interface on climate change issues.

The intention of the Forum’s website is to provide a space for early career climate researchers and climate professionals to explore new ideas, network, and find support to help them excel in their chosen paths. Additionally, the Forum strives to be an accessible outlet where all people can come and learn about climate science from people intimately involved with studying the climate and its implications for ecosystems and people.

To learn more, visit:

EPA’s Science Matters Newsletter Focuses on Climate Change Research

The current issue of EPA’s Science Matters focuses on how EPA researchers and partners are developing the latest climate change science and incorporating it into strategies and actions to protect human health and the environment.

The issue includes stories on: using climate models and watershed simulations to better understand climate change effects on streams and rivers; protecting salmon from warming waters in the South Fork Nooksack River Watershed; as well as a Q&A podcast with the Associate Director for Climate for the Air, Climate, and Energy Research Program.

To view this issue of Science Matters, visit:

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