10 reasons green leases create value for tenants and landlords

Read the full story at GreenBiz. Many corporate tenants have heard about green leases, and almost as many might wonder whether they should consider one. The answer, for a variety of reasons, is an overwhelming “Yes!” It is a real-estate opportunity that truly benefits everyone: tenants, landlords and not least, the environment.

Researchers Focus on Dairy’s Carbon Footprint

Read the full story from the University of Arkansas Fayetteville. Researchers at the University of Arkansas are attempting to help the U.S. dairy industry decrease its carbon footprint as concentrations of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere reach record levels. In 2007, Americans consumed approximately 17.4 million metric tons of fluid milk – milk consumed …

Molecular switch for cheaper biofuel

Read the full story in R&D Magazine. Biofuel is often obtained from starchy plants—but this places fuel production in competition with food production. At the Vienna Univ. of Technology, genetically modified mold fungi are created, which have the ability to break down long cellulose and xylan chains into smaller sugar molecules. This could make the …

Walmart’s $81 Million Fine for Toxic Dumping Undermines Sustainability Promises

Read the full story at BrandChannel. Walmart's brand has taken a steady battering over the past year, and part of it is related to sustainability. Last March, the Institute for Local Self-Reliance issued a report called "Walmart's Greenwash" that said the leading retailer's sustainability campaign "has done more to improve the company's image than to …

Groundwater study reveals climate-model variability

Read the full story at Environmental Research Web. A comprehensive study of renewable groundwater resources has highlighted the variability between different climate models. The research, which used five climate models to project future levels of groundwater recharge under four greenhouse-gas scenarios, found large discrepancies between the models.