Energy Biosciences Institute Scientists Develop Regulation Recommendations to Prevent Biofuels Plants From Becoming Invasive Weeds

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In the United States, only species listed on state or federal noxious weed lists are regulated, and those lists are often biased toward species that affect agricultural crops.

Conversely, invasive plant council lists include species that affect natural landscapes but have no regulatory clout.

After comparing the lists and how they are created, researchers at the University of Illinois’ Energy Biosciences Institute have developed some suggestions on how to improve the regulation of all invasive plant species, including new biofuels plants.

Industrial design sophomores participate in Discarded to Precious

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Industrial design sophomores participated Friday in Discarded to Precious, a competition challenging design students to collect discarded items and transform them into something “precious.” Competition results will be announced Monday afternoon.

Two new publications from the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center

The Illinois Sustainable Technology Center has published two new reports:

RR – 122 / Risks to Birds in the Lake Calumet Region from Contaminated Emergent Aquatic Insects / Soucek, David J.; Levengood; Levengood, Jeffrey M.; Gallo, Sue; Hill, Walter R.; Bordson, Gary O.; Talbott, Jonathan L. — Champaign, IL : Illinois Sustainable Technology Center, 2013.  (Available at

TR- 050 Efficiency Performance Contracting for Smaller Manufacturers: Progress in the Metalworking Industry / Bierma, Thomas J.– Champaign, IL : Illinois Sustainable Technology Center, 2013. (Available at