National Conversation on the Future of Our Communities Compendium

Download the document.

In summer 2012, the Smart Growth Network sponsored a call for papers on the development issues facing our communities in the next 15 years and the steps we will take to solve them. We received 95 papers in response. As we hoped, we heard from established thought leaders in the field and also from many new voices. We heard from planners and architects, university professors, environmental groups and community development organizations, county health departments, engineering firms, a mayor and a police captain, and many others all working to improve the quality of life in their communities.

Each paper was reviewed by a panel of experts from the Smart Growth Network, 20 were selected for a compendium. The panel looked for papers that touched on a broad range of topics, were forward thinking, and presented new ideas.

We hoped with this project to start a conversation on thorny issues the smart growth movement has yet to resolve, issues that have received too little attention, and issues that have escaped us altogether. We believe we have achieved that goal, and we thank the many authors who took the time to draft and submit papers and work with us. We invite you to read them, share them with others, and use them as a springboard to continue the conversation in your community.

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