Pollution Prevention Technical Assistance LibGuide

This guide is designed to help pollution prevention technical assistance providers find information quickly and efficiently. It includes a brief guide to effective web searching, located on the Where To Start page under the Sector/Subject Specific tab. Lists of information organization and current awareness tools are included under the News & Current Awareness tab.

Hot Water Distribution System Model Enhancements

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This project involves enhancement of the HWSIM distribution system model to more accurately model pipe heat transfer. Recent laboratory testing efforts have indicated that the modeling of radiant heat transfer effects is needed to accurately characterize piping heat loss. An analytical methodology for integrating radiant heat transfer was implemented with HWSIM. Laboratory test data collected in another project was then used to validate the model for a variety of uninsulated and insulated pipe cases (copper, PEX, and CPVC). Results appear favorable, with typical deviations from lab results less than 8%.

16 clever uses for binder clips

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I’ve always believed that you can fix just about anything with duct tape, olive oil, safety pins and a Sharpie. Add binder clips to the mix and the emergency hack kit is pretty much complete. As technology changes the nature of office supplies, the good old binder clip is seeing less and less paper in need of binding … so put those isosceles triangles of spring steel to clever use in any of these applications.

Free K-8 Climate Change Program

Ready to inspire environmental action in your school community? The grassroots organization, Cool the Earth, is now enrolling K-8 schools for the 2012-13 school year to run their free climate change program that motivates students and their families to take carbon-saving actions. The ready-to-run program is implemented by a parent or teacher volunteer so step up and start making a change at your school!