Festival spotlights trash-to-art transformations

When artists and designers take discarded materials destined for the landfill – everything from bottle caps to rusty machine parts – and add their imagination, vision and talent, what hatches from all that is something fresh. The results may be whimsical, or even practical, but are always decidedly, delightfully different and unexpected.

The I.D.E.A. Store will take that concept of reinvention and reimagination to a whole new level next spring with “Hatch,” a creative-reuse art festival expecthatch logoed to draw participants from throughout Central Illinois and beyond.

The festival will take place March 1-3, 2013, in and near downtown Champaign, and will include a juried art exhibition and juried art fair.

They are currently are seeking creative-reuse artists and designers who wish to be considered for entry into the art exhibition and/or art fair. Artist information and applications are available on the festival website, www.AboutHatch.org. The deadline for applying for entry is Jan. 11, 2013.

The festival will kick off from 5-7 p.m. on March 1 with an opening reception at the exhibition venue, Indi Go Artist Co-op, 9 E. University Ave., in downtown Champaign. During the festival, the exhibitoin will be on view from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. March 2 and 1-5 p.m. March 3. The show will remain on view beyond the festival dates, through March 17.

Exhibited work – which must consist of at least 75 percent recycled or reused materials – is expected to range from assemblage, collage, jewelry, fiber and paper arts to reimagined decor for home and garden.

The festival’s art fair, set for 10 a.m.-6 p.m. on March 2 in the McKinley Fitness Center gym, 500 W. Church St., Champaign, is expected to host more than 30 creative-reuse artist-vendors who will be selling one-of-a-kind artwork and functional design such as jewelry, wearable art and accessories, collage, mixed media and sculptural work.

They also are hoping to add other activities – possibly a lecture and gallery talk – to the festival schedule as well. So, stay tuned and see what develops in the coming months!

“Right now, we’re hitting the ground running – focusing our priorities on attracting some of the most imaginative, top-shelf creative-reuse artists and designers around to the festival, and hope to fill in a few more auxiliary events as we go,” said The I.D.E.A. Store Manager Gail Rost.

“We’re excited to be able to expand on the work we’ve accomplished at The I.D.E.A. Store in our first two years of operation,” Rost said. “Plus, we’re thrilled to be continuing what we started our first year in business with the “Trash 2011” exhibition at Indi Go.

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