Ways to Minimize Water Usage in Engineered Geothermal Systems

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To address problems such as greenhouse gas emissions and energy security, the US is considering renewable resources, such as geothermal energy. Hydrothermal systems produce about 3000 MWe domestically; however, electricity may also come from engineered geothermal systems (EGS) with siting issues such as low-permeability rock, limited water, and deep wells. Water use can be reduced
with a power cycle that works efficiently with air cooling, using refrigerant mixtures. Heat extraction from the subsurface represents another aspect of geothermal water use because complex fluid-rock interactions affect heat transport and lifetime performance. These factors all contribute to the viability of EGS.

How to embed sustainability within your workforce

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This is the second installment in a three-part series on employee engagement. The first installment introduced the four stages of employee engagement and how companies with sustainability programs that are built upon high employee engagement perform better. This installment will discuss the first stage: increasing your employees’ awareness and understanding of sustainability (not only what it means to your organization, but also what it means to them) — and provide examples of how companies build an understanding of sustainability across diverse employee bases through communication, training and visual engagement.