Biofuel Economics

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As concerns regarding increasing energy prices, global warming and renewable resources continue to grow, so has scientific discovery into agricultural biomass conversion. Plant Biomass Conversion addresses both the development of plant biomass and conversion technology, in addition to issues surrounding biomass conversion, such as the affect on water resources and soil sustainability. This book also offers a brief overview of the current status of the industry and examples of production plants being used in current biomass conversion efforts.

How to measure the ROI of LEED

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Owners considering LEED certification for their buildings often ask what level of financial return they can expect for their investment in green products and services.

This starts with a measurement of costs. Owners should be certain their LEED consultant is able to audit their buildings and accurately calculate the cost of obtaining various levels of LEED, including both the implementation of improvements and the cost of the certification process itself.

Estimating the financial gain is a trickier process, as market variables and qualitative benefits enter the equation. But the challenge of calculating return on investment (ROI) is lessened somewhat by the steady stream of reports analyzing the cost of LEED in new and existing buildings — and the financial payback.