Sustainability in higher education news roundup

I ran across several good stories about sustainability in colleges and universities today, so I decided to combine them in one post.

  • Student funding available for MSU sustainability projects
    Michigan State University’s Office of Campus Sustainability is now accepting applications for the Be Spartan Green Student Project Fund, a program that will provide financial support for students to explore solutions to sustainability challenges at MSU.
  • Center for Sustainable Packaging created at RIT
    Nearly a third of consumer waste is food packaging, and much of it cannot be recycled. But finding ways to reduce that waste and its impact on the economy and the environment is the focus of a new research center being established at RIT. The center will be a testing ground for new ideas and solutions for students, researchers, faculty and corporate partners that are interested in sustainable packaging. It will also educate the next generation of packaging professionals intent in bringing sustainable principles to manufacturers around the world.
  • U [of MN] receives $13M for 2 campus chemistry centers
    The University of Minnesota is now home to two new centers that could potentially reduce carbon emissions and make solar energy more efficient. The Department of Chemistry received $13.1 million from the U.S. Department of Energy to fund the centers, which officially began research Saturday.
  • Shoemaker Green opens at Penn
    Shoemaker Green was designed as a pilot site for the Sustainable Sites Initiative, which will measure the performance of the landscape and serve as a test case for other campus landscape projects.
  • Two from the University of Michigan

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