iPhone 5 adds waste to the e-waste problem

Read the full story at SmartPlanet.

As the news and reviews of the iPhone 5 stream across my desktop, a New York Times story by Brian Chen caught my attention. Apple has replaced the long, thin power and data connector port on its legacy phones with a smaller port, on which the company has hung the moniker “Lightening.” The new port reportedly satisfies a desire to make the phone thinner.

But as Chen notes, the new port is also “instantly rendering obsolete the millions of spare charging cords, docks and iPhone-ready clock radios that its customers have accumulated over the years.”

He notes that Apple is “selling Lightning cables and $30 adapters that will connect the new phones to many but not all older accessories.”

I’m a long-time Apple user and I love my iPhone, but I’m really irritated that they not only changed the power and data connector ports on the new iDevices, but also refused to standardize them with the rest of the mobile device market. See iPhone 5 Misses Standardisation Opportunity for more on that. My next phone might be an Android.

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