Tuesday Webcast for Industry: Public Relations Aspect of Energy Efficiency Projects

Date: Tuesday, August 14, 2012
Time: 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT

Public relations are a key component of implementing energy efficiency projects. This webcast will provide an overview of public relations best practices and offer tips for convincing senior management to exploit energy efficiency opportunities.

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250,000 bees atop New York City’s Waldorf-Astoria Hotel

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The recent drop in bee numbers has led to several campaigns and initiatives to try and protect the species, and urban bee keeping that makes use of rooftop spaces has proven particularly popular in densely populated cities where green space is scarce.

We’ve seen green uses of city rooftops before for farming initiatives and, reminiscent of the way the Fairmont Royal York hotel installed a three-hive apiary 14 stories up above the streets of Toronto not long ago, so New York City’s Waldorf-Astoria Hotel is now raising hundreds of thousands of honey bees on its own urban rooftop.

Roughly a quarter of a million bees now make their home atop the hotel, which stands to reap considerable benefit from the continuous supply of locally sourced honey – an ingredient that will be used throughout its restaurant’s menu. The bees were introduced in support of New York City’s green initiative, PlaNYC, which aims to plant one million trees over the next decade. Some of the flowering trees will require pollination, which is where the bees come in, flying over a three-mile radius to keep newly planted trees blooming across the city.

How to Save More Than $2,000 This Year

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Is your budget a little tight these days? Cutting out your daily stop at the coffee shop and saying no to those fancy new shoes will help. But one of the best places to save money and resources is right in your own home. From conserving water to saving energy, here are nine quick and easy ways to save more than $2,000 this year.

Higher Education Sustainability in Pittsburgh: Highlights from the AASHE 2011 Campus Tours

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Supported by the Heinz Endowments, this publication profiles the sustainability innovations of the Pittsburgh institutions that hosted campus tours during the AASHE 2011 conference. Profiled innovations include green building design, waste elimination, alternative transportation options, climate positive goals and community partnerships toward sustainability. Compiled from tour materials, surveys and follow-up interviews, this report also captures the knowledge gained and lessons learned by the tour participants.

NOAA’s Digital Coast

NOAA’s Digital Coast web site not only includes data for coastal managers, but also also provides the tools, training, and information needed to turn these data into the information most needed by coastal resource management professionals. The site includes a section on using social science data in coastal management.

NOAA is sponsoring a webinar on July 11 from 2-3 pm EDT called “The Social Coast: Social Science, Simply Explained and Applied.” It will provide a guided tour of the Social Coast website and provide real-world success stories on using demographic and economic data in coastal management. The Social Coast website provides data, tools, training, and stories on one of the most important aspects of coastal management: the people. The Social Coast filters out the relevant demographic and economic data sets available through the Digital Coast, provides examples of how to use them, and demonstrates their benefits. These data narrow in on the coastal components of a broad range of demographic and economic data sets from agencies such as the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the Census Bureau, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and others. Register for the webinar at https://noaacsc.adobeconnect.com/_a1005979616/july2012/event/registration.html

Is Avon’s New CSR Blog Ready to Come Calling?

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One of the issues that is receiving greater attention in the green space is CSR communications. For many companies, this concept has been synonymous with releasing a CSR report, but the problem is that CSR report is mostly just an annual event that doesn’t transform into an ongoing communication, not to mention the fact that not too many people really read it.

Some companies try to make their report more interactive or find other ways to extend its reach, while others look to develop communication tools that are separated from the report. The latest example for the latter is Avon, who just started a new CR blog with the inevitable name, Avon’s Calling.

New content will be posted on the blog every Tuesday, covering ideas, news and perspectives relevant to Avon’s three mission areas – empowering women, sustainability and philanthropy. “We are proud to launch Avon’s Calling as the latest outreach in our goal to be transparent and to offer a dialogue with our many stakeholders,” explained Tod Arbogast, VP of Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility. “Avon has a long heritage as a global change agent, tackling issues as diverse as deforestation and domestic violence, and part of our success is through sharing information and listening to others,” he added. These are great goals, but can Avon meet them?