Train Wagon Transformed into Clever Street Library in Curitiba, Brazil

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Urban interventions to turn old structures into useful facilities for society (read: phone boots converted into book shelves) might seem like a recent trend, but it has been happening for decades. It is our increasing awareness about the finiteness of materials and the need to avoid waste that make us look at these with interest.

They are, nonetheless, great, and when the goal of the recovery process is to use such structures for cultural activities they’re even better.

Located in downtown Curitiba, Brazil since 1973, this recycled train wagon I bumped into while visiting the city a few weeks ago has served different functions over the years. It was first a children care unit to relieve parents when they were shopping or working around, and in the second half of the 1980s it became a tourist information point.

Around 1989 it was recovered as a cultural space, but only in 2010 was it revitalized once more to become what it is today: the Bondinho da Leitura, an open library that offers free books to residents.

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