Day: May 21, 2012

Petition for open access to federally funded research results

The Obama Administration has been actively considering the issue of Public Access to the results of Federally Funded research for the past several years. There is now a brief, critical window of opportunity for librarians, scholars, and taxpayers at large to demonstrate that we firmly believe open access to federally funded research should be a high priority for the Administration to act on right now. To help accomplish this, today, May 21st, a petition calling for Public Access to all Federally Funded Research has been posted to the White House’s “We the People” Website. If the petition garners 25,000 signatures within 30 days, it will be reviewed by White House staff, and considered for action.

Please sign the petition and encourage friends, family, colleagues in the library and across campus to join in. To sign the petition, you must be at least 13 years old and have a valid email address. Signing is easy, it’s fast, and it can have an enormous impact on our chances of expanding access to the results of scientific research that American taxpayers fund.  You will need to “register” before you can sign the petition.

UK: Sustainable Food

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Source: House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee (UK)

The Government must develop a joined-up strategy to change the UK’s unhealthy and environmentally damaging food system, as fears mount about global food security, MPs on the Commons Environmental Audit Committee warn.

The Environmental Audit Committee’s Sustainable Food report recommends that:

  • stricter advertising limits protect children from junk food marketing on all media including the internet
  • food skills, such as cooking and gardening, should be part of the curriculum in all schools
  • new national planning policy guidance for Local Authorities should ensure communities have access to healthy food and land to grow their own produce
  • Government Buying Standards for food must be improved on meat and dairy and extended to cover hospitals, prisons and schools
  • the Office of Fair Trading’s remit should be amended so supermarkets are not blocked from cooperating on sustainability initiatives;
  • Government should examine the scope for simple and consistent labelling on the sustainability of food products

+ Volume I
+ Volume II (PDF; 809 KB)

Behind GE’s feature-heavy refrigerator, a lean manufacturing strategy

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It’s been almost a century since General Electric first pioneered the commercial refrigerator in the United States, and it seems like it’s been about that long since new refrigerators have made headlines.

GE changed that this week.

On Tuesday, the company unveiled a snazzy new line of “French door bottom-freezer refrigerators,” which expectedly offer new bells and whistles for modern consumers seeking more smarts from their kitchen appliances.

But the real story is one of process: GE decided to build these premium refrigerators at a newly-renovated, high-tech manufacturing facility here in Louisville, Kentucky. The $250 million factory introduces new manufacturing procedures designed to drastically reduce the environmental impact of making the appliances.

Fuel efficient cars: What a waste

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An Icelandic company is teaming with Reykjavik’s municipal waste authority to make a renewable fuel additive that would improve the efficiency of gasoline-powered vehicles.

Reykjavik based Carbon Recycling International and the city’s waste agency, SORPA, have launched a feasibility study and hope to operate a plant by 2015 making renewable methanol from household waste that normally goes to landfill.

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