Ecological Forestry & DoD’s Carbon Footprint

Read the full story from SERDP/ESTCP.

The Department of Defense (DoD) strives for ecologically sustainable management of its forests to maintain desired ecosystem services, including realistic training settings, native biological diversity, and carbon storage. In a carbon-constrained world, how DoD manages its forested land base will determine whether alternative land use and silvicultural practices within these ecosystems will be a positive or negative contribution to an installation’s overall carbon footprint.

SERDP initiated a suite of four projects in FY 2011 focused on developing the fundamental and applied science required to manage and restore forested ecosystems on DoD lands in accordance with the principles of ecological forestry, a silvicultural approach that perpetuates ecosystem integrity at landscape spatial scales while continuing to provide wood products and other ecosystem services. These projects are investigating the interactions between ecological forestry-based silvicultural prescriptions and carbon management in the context of maintaining other desired ecosystem services.

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