Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, a multi-language Textbook/Workbook

There are three editions of this english-as-a-second-language (ESL) environmental education textbook/workbook. Each of these three textbooks/workbooks is translated into six languages. They are:

  • Edition A: Hmong, Korean, Vietnamese, Laotian, Cambodian, Chinese
  • Edition B: Spanish, Russian, Bosnian, Somali, Farsi, Arabic
  • Edition C (a combination of the most used languages from Editions A and B): Spanish, Bosnian, Vietnamese, Russian, Somali, Hmong

These three textbooks/workbooks were written with two complementary goals in mind.
1. Create a textbook which both teachers and tutors could use to teach immigrants how to speak, read and write English. With this in mind, the book was set up so that each chapter includes between 3 and 5 ESL exercises. This gives students lots of opportunity to practice both written and spoken English .

2. Communicate information about reducing, reusing and recycling to immigrants with limited English skills, so that they would be more willing and able to participate in local recycling and waste reduction programs.

For reasons of clarity we have used over 100 different photographs to illustrate vocabulary words where appropriate, and translated key vocabulary words into 12 different languages.

We have written a Tutor Guide to explain how to use the ESL exercises effectively, and to help you get the most from “Reduce Reuse Recycle” as an ESL textbook. For your convenience, we have also included an answer key at the back of the guide.

We encourage you to write additional exercises based on the level of competency of your students. We would rather you used the book and changed the exercises, than to pass on the use of the book because it is either above or below the level of your students. There is so much data contained in the text that is helpful and necessary for newcomers to learn.

For more information or to download free copies of these books, go to

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