Will TED’s City 2.0 crowd-sourcing platform yield results?

Read the full post at Smart Planet.

SmartPlanet covered the shocking announcement of TED’s 2012 Prize last December. Never before had TED (Technology, Entertainment, and Design) awarded the $100,000 prize to an idea. The winner? A city that embodies both soul and economic vision.

A city that doesn’t exist yet. The City 2.0.

Yet the TED Prize isn’t only monetary, it also comes with “One Wish to Change the World”. And while not everyone believes wishes come true, when you have a global community of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, CEOs, and technological innovators hearing your wish things might seem a little more magical.

The TED Prize Wish was just announced at the TED Conference in Long Beach, CA, as an international call-out to build a collective vision for an unmarred future city. Organizations, companies, and citizens around the world are being asked to share resources and ideas on an online crowd-sourcing platform.

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