Policies for a Shareable City

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On May 7th, 2011, Shareable hosted SHARE San Francisco at The Hub social enterprise coworking space. A diverse group of city leaders from business, city government, and the civic sector explored how San Francisco can become an even more powerful platform for sharing through presentations and an open space meeting. We held SHARE San Francisco because we saw an opportunity to spark a movement that amplifies cities’ ability to foster sharing, co-production, and mutual-aid among citizens.

During the open space part of the meeting, Lawrence Grodeska, from the city’s Department of Environment, suggested that the group draft a sharing manifesto with concrete policy proposals. The idea was to present this to mayoral candidates in the upcoming election. Lawrence Grodeska, Daniel Dietrich of Hey, Neighbor, Milicent Johnson of Shareable, Tim West of Grubly, and myself agreed to work on this document together.

A lively e-mail dialog, wiki, and an in-person meeting followed. Janelle Orsi of the Sustainable Economies Law Center and Saskia van Gendt of the Environmental Protection Agency joined the e-mail dialog. The idea was to get as much input from as many people as possible. The 20 posts that follow were born out of that open space meeting at The Hub, and the activity that followed. It’s only fitting now that we’ve shared policy ideas with San Francisco mayoral candidates through face to face meetings, e-mails and in public forums, that we open up this dialog and seek input from people all over the world.

The Policies for a Shareable City series will cover 20 policy areas to inspire discussion within the sharing community and beyond. Through a partnership with Shareable, Janelle Orsi and the Sustainable Economies Law Center team have taken up the thread started by Lawrence Grodeska at SHARE San Francisco. They will cover food, transportation, housing, culture, governance, entrepreneurship, and more. At the bottom of this post is the series index which we’ll hyperlink as we publish each article. The hope is that each post prompts you to share ideas in comments and take action in your city. And please copy, remix, and share the policy proposals as you see fit.

Here’s the list, with links to the stories so far:

  1. Car Sharing and Parking Sharing
  2. Ride Sharing
  3. Bike Sharing
  4. Shareable Commercial Spaces
  5. Shareable Housing
  6. Homes as Sharing Hubs
  7. Shareable Neighborhoods
  8. Shareable Marketplaces
  9. Shareable Workspaces and Workshops
  10. Shareable Recreation and Green Spaces
  11. Shareable Rooftops
  12. Community Gardening
  13. Food Sharing
  14. Worry-Free Sharing
  15. Public Libraries
  16. Cooperative Enterprise
  17. Shareable Exchange and Financial Platforms
  18. Democracy and Decision-Making
  19. The Shareable City Employee
  20. Making Sharing Part of the Culture of the City

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