Assessing Companies’ Walk-Talk Ratio

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I’ve long maintained that for many companies, the environmental walk-talk ratio is out of balance, though not necessarily in the way most people think. Conventional wisdom has it that green and sustainability initiatives for companies is all too often is a fig leaf — a cover-up to obscure environmental shortcomings and misdeeds.

Perhaps. But most companies are smarter than that.

The other side of the coin are companies that are walking more than they are talking — that is, doing more than they’re saying. There are several reasons why this happen: first, most of what companies are doing amounts to “doing less bad,” not an easy story to tell; second, the most significant actions companies are taking typically don’t relate directly to their products’ value proposition, making them hard to market or promote in a sound bite; and third, when companies talk about what they’re doing right, they often risk setting themselves up for criticism about the problems they haven’t yet solved.

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