As Water Week Kicks Off, Corporate Leaders Share Their Successes

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Over the coming decades, the bulk of the world’s predicted population growth is going to take place in urban areas that will serve as hotbeds for economic activity and innovation. Some estimate that just the world’s city-dwelling population of 2050 will equal the entire global population of today.

Such rapid growth will of course strain natural resources and infrastructure, making it vital that the world’s governments and companies make investments now that will pay dividends later.

This is the context that will serve as the backdrop of World Water Week, the annual event kicked off yesterday by the Stockholm International Water Institute. Experts from the civil, government and business sectors will meet to discuss the complexities surrounding water, including scarcity, sanitation, economics and ecosystems, among others. Expect a slew of studies and announcements to surface this week from the event, including an interesting story I’ll bring to you on Wednesday about the research conducted by a major beverage company of the watersheds surrounding some of its facilities. Stay tuned.

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